I am both delighted and proud that the 10th Asian Congress for Psychotherapy with a focus on family based psychotherapy will be held in Tehran, Iran on May 13 through 14, 2018.

I trust that the event would give rise to great strides that solidify our scholarly synergy.

Our era is rife with sundry manifestations of human malaise including self-alienation, self-estrangement, self-destruction, problems and challenges such as information overload syndrome (IOS), loneliness, depression and human hollowness. Our life is also inextricably tied to massiveness, acceleration, multiplicities and their particular challenging outcomes for our well-being. It may be safe to say that the world is presently in dire need of the functional and practical role of psychotherapy. The latest scientific findings have substantiated the necessity of integrative approaches in psychotherapy which may go beyond the previously established therapeutic schools of thoughts in the West. The third wave approaches including dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness practices both in Buddhist based mindfulness and Western based mindfulness have drawn innovative ideas and techniques from spiritual and philosophical traditions, such as Buddhism, and theories of adaptive emotion regulation. Understanding the larger social and cultural forces that many influence people's behavior demonstrates their significance in exploring the culturally bound mental health problems.

A recondite examination of the Eastern schools of thoughts and their epistemological and ontological underlying components for psychological treatments need to be taken into consideration. I hope that this congress can facilitate the process of listening to integrative approaches and research findings that develop a more comprehensive perspective on family based psychotherapy. I do believe that the event will lead to novel ideas that can address some of our major challenges in the world of family based psychotherapy.

I thank you very much in advance for your proactive participation.

Mohammad Khodayarifard, Ph.D.

Professor and Dean,

Faculty of Psychology & Education

University of Tehran

Vice-President of the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP)